Dusit Gourmet Bangkok Unveils Delectable King Cake Galette des Rois for the First Time in Bangkok!

Dusit Gourmet Bangkok Unveils Delectable King Cake Galette des Rois for the First Time in Bangkok!

[Bangkok, 8 Jan 2024] – Dusit Gourmet is thrilled to introduce the King Cake Galette des Rois to its menu, marking the first year the renowned culinary destination is offering this traditional French delight. This golden, flaky pastry, filled with almond goodness, is set to add a touch of regal elegance to the festive season in Bangkok.

In celebration of this inaugural offering, Khun Nutthapong Lertjinda, Digital Marketing and Community Assistant Manager, met with Khun Orn Sarudha Nextsawang, Executive Director of the Belgian-Luxembourg/Thai Chamber of Commerce, to kick off the festive period in style.

The King Cake Galette des Rois, a cherished French tradition enjoyed during Epiphany, promises a delightful experience with its rich flavors and hidden surprises. Khun Camel expressed his excitement about sharing this treat with Dusit Gourmet’s patrons, stating, “Our team has crafted a delectable version of this classic pastry, and we can’t wait to spread the joy with our valued customers.”

Dusit Gourmet’s introduction of the King Cake Galette des Rois underscores its commitment to providing unique culinary experiences to the community. The King Cake will be available throughout the festive season, inviting locals and visitors alike to savor the cultural richness and festive spirit it embodies.

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Mr Nutthapong Lertjinda | Digital Marketing and Community Assistant Manager 
Baan Dusit Thani | Phone: 02-200-9009 | Email: Nutthpong.lj@dusit.com 

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